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Version: 1.3.1 (Compatibility: EspoCRM v.7.0.1+);

Main features:

1) Multiple “Public Forms” that allow you to post data to any CRM entity.
2) Custom domain for each “Public Form”.
3) Separate HTML, CSS, and JS file types (possibility to have a dynamic, mobile-friendly public form).
4) Custom unsubscribe/subscribe link (Opted-out email records are stored in a separate Consent Entity). This functionality can be utilized in all “Email Templates”, not only when using the “Mass Emails” functionality.

Public Form creation video tutorial
Unsubscribe/Subscribe functionality video tutorial
Consent import video tutorial


1 review for Public Form + Consent

  1. Zakaria

    Bonjour, je suis très intéressé par l’extension . Est-ce qu’il est compatible avec la dernière version d’EspoCRM, la version 7.5.5 ?

    • Laimonas M.

      Oui, il est compatible avec Espo v.7.5.5.

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